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Fluent Trade Technologies understands the importance of a robust and reliable pre-trade risk management system and the need for effective risk management integration. Fluent RiskHub™ management solution is built into its foreign exchange feed handler, thereby further reducing risk exposure. Fluent Trade Technologies delivers a robust, flexible, multi-check, pre-trade risk management solution on a global and local level while providing the ability to manage risk across internal positions as well as for each respective prime broker.

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  • Combines risk from Taker and Maker
  • Risk adds only 1.8 microsecond latency to order execution
  • Real-time Monitoring and risk control with ultra-low latency technology
  • Unified Control of Market, Operational, and Trading risk
  • Real-time straight thru processing ticket matching
  • Real-time visibility into position exposure
  • Global and local risk management
  • Permission controls and monitoring of user activity
  • Risk management built directly into the feed handler
  • Real-time Monitoring and risk control with ultra-low latency technology
  • Pre-trade risk: prevention, not detection
  • Monitor and control entire operation from a single, unified point in realtime
  • Automatic, ultra-low latency reaction time to risk events
  • Manage ticket matching in real-time, further reducing position exposure
  • Manage portfolio risk as well as respective prime broker risk
  • Risk management and compliance support through real-time triple check (customer, broker, bank) ticket checking
  • Control corrective action
  • Compliance compatibility