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The current available solutions for FX Prime Brokers relies on an irrelevant post-trade risk management methodology - a clear recipe for a credit disaster. Do the math: A small $1M hedge fund with direct access to 10 venues (with 50x credit per venue), presents a $500M risk exposure for the prime broker in the ever-more-common event of an algorithm trading glitch. There is no real time credit aggregation, and no way to block a rampant algorithm or a software error.

FluentPrime™ is an extended pre-trade risk suite integrated with the cutting edge FIXation 3.3. This solution is geared to solve this exact risk management challenge.

The heart of a modern FX Risk Management System has to be a real time, pre-trade aggregator of credit limits from multiple venues, for both positions and open orders. The Prime Broker sets the rules, and the system enforces them before orders are sent out. The client benefits from the fastest trading technology in the market, with connectivity to over 60 trading venues.Fluent also makes sure customer strategies are protected: FluentPrime™ can reside as a hosted solution, or in the customer site, preserving confidentiality for all executions.

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  • Multi site aggregated risk
  • Real-time, irreversible killing switch
  • Ability to control outstanding (open) orders
  • Permissions and Compliance visualisation via FluentView™
  • Risk adds only 1.8 microsecond latency to order execution
  • Guaranteed messaging protocol - ensuring a disconnected client can't trade.
  • When a client’s connection to the Broker fails, all trading but position closing is blocked
  • Full set of configurable rules: orders per second, position and open orders, individual currency limits, PNL etc.
  • Real pre-trade risk control, no exceptions
  • Broker has full control of every risk aspect
  • Integration with Broker's risk system
  • Extensive and Effective monitoring UI for broker's operator
  • Expandable and Configurable risk-rules system
  • Negligible additional latency to trading
  • ​Irreversible Killing switch
  • Built in unified drop-copy feed​
  • Real time back office reconciliation