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FluentView™, Fluent Trade Technologies' unified graphical view, allows you to monitor all aspects of your algorithm, including order management, position management, executions, pre-trade risk management, and more. It supplies you with every useful piece of information, research and BI tools, customized graphic interfaces, and more. Designed for real time action, FluentView™ provides Real time alerts, real time parameter settings and dynamic monitoring, allowing you full control as the market changes.

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  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Graphical view
  • Dynamically monitor and control algorithms, latency, and events
  • Customize alerts
  • Event investigation
  • Dynamically choose liquidity providers and connectivity options
  • Real-time configuration
  • Control corrective actions
  • Global and local pre-trade risk management
  • Compliance monitor
  • Experienced engineers and veteran traders
  • Ability to monitor and control all hardware components and all aspects of the software
  • Single monitoring point for all events
  • Graphic, customizable visibility into algorithms, alerts, and events
  • Monitor all aspects of the algorithm with visibility into every action of every event
  • Architecture that maintains low latency while simultaneously monitoring and logging all events
  • Investigate events with all conditions of the historical episode
  • Trade from Fluent View™
  • Change algorithmic parameters and configurations in real-time without stopping algo from operating
  • Update alerts and configurations in real time
  • Manage pre-trade risk across portfolio as well as with each respective prime broker
  • Compliance and Security support through permissioning and visibility
  • Leverage experience of hedge fund users and their needs