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Fluent Trade Technologies offers fully managed turnkey hosting solutions that eliminate your need to integrate multiple solutions from a variety of vendors. Our hosting solution allows you to utilize our backbone, infrastructure, and support staff for all your hosting needs, delivering global connectivity, high speed feed handlers and execution capabilities, data mining, and risk management. The flexibility of our infrastructure allows for tailored solutions as well.

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  • Designed for critical,ultra-low latency, high frequency trading
  • Fully managed
  • Redundancy and scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Established connectivity to 60+ liquidity providers
  • 24/7 Support
  • Data Centers in: New York (NY4), Chicago, Seattle, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong
  • Experienced professional services and support team
  • One-stop-shop for all hosting needs
  • Combination of hardware and software solutions assure unlimited capacity
  • Easy ability to manage multiple solutions and vendors
  • Integrate proprietary or third party vendor systems
  • Fully managed or component solutions
  • Ultra-low latency access to global execution venues
  • Leverage previously established connections, fiber networks, configuration, and infrastructure
  • Military-like secure access to local and global data
  • Empowers customers to focus on the essential elements of their value proposition while outsourcing the infrastructure, connectivity, and technology to our experts who focus on these elements as their value proposition
  • Access to a well-trained, experienced team for implementation, integration, and round the clock support