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When it comes to designing feed handlers & execution gateway, Fluent Trade Technologies’ intelligence, expertise and experience are second to none. Our robust, flexible API unifies 60 Taker and Maker feeds, deciphers and delivers data with minimal latency. Our proprietary FX feed handler and execution gateway handles billions of dollars of customer trades daily via our ultra-low latency feed handlers.

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  • Clients currently execute billions of dollars daily via our ultra-low latency feed handlers.
  • Support single and multi-threaded processes
  • Single-digit microsecond latency
  • Unique hardware/software single component design
  • Multiple API options
  • State machine for all orders
  • 60+ liquidity providers
  • Configurable depth of book
  • Separate business and technical logs
  • Smart session management - Dedicated sessions for data and trading
  • Auto-recovery
  • Support multiple FIX protocol dialects
  • Extensive logging
  • Detailed latency monitoring and per component logging
  • Leverage tried and true system -live production environment, operating in the Foreign exchange market since 2010
  • Leverage tried and true system -live production environment
  • Plug-n-play - leverage existing certification, configuration, and infrastructure
  • Ultra-low latency consumption of data and execution, each unaffected by the other
  • Achieve hardware speeds via proprietary software API
  • Ease of integration through three distinct, customizable, machine and human interfaces
  • Stores all rates and trades in logs for future reference without additional latency
  • Ultra-low latency state machines provide automatic reaction to data
  • Access to 95% of available liquidity
  • Unique design prevents liquidity providers from negatively impacting latency of other liquidity providers
  • Customizable view of market data
  • Faster responses for business and technical queries
  • No bottlenecks on trade execution; no bottlenecks on market data consumption
  • Orders return to active state automatically upon system restoration
  • Normalize data from variant data streams into a single protocol
  • Access to historical data for de-bugging and production issues
  • Preemptive warnings and measures to improve utilization