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When dealing with low latency solutions, data distribution poses the threat of a creating a bottleneck, and preventing communication. Fluent Trade Technologies overcomes this obstacle by increasing the bandwidth through which the distribution occurs, while simultaneously employing smart data distribution methodologies. Proprietary software solutions integrated with hardware solutions deliver a scalable, secure, and fully redundant network that processes tens of millions of messages per second.

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  • Strategically integrated hardware and software components
  • Fully integrated feed handler covering global markets and multiple asset classes
  • Flexible and dynamic topic based distribution
  • Advanced high performance queuing semantics and distribution
  • Speed, scalability, reliability, redundancy
  • Data retention
  • Innovative hardware/software integration provides greater processing capabilities
  • Best of breed solution
  • Smart global data distribution
  • Multi-component solution on a single device
  • Intelligently compress data
  • Efficient and intelligent data distribution to further reduce latency
  • Proprietary software enhancements built on proven hardware technology deliver innovative solutions
  • Easily scalable
  • Supports Java, C/C++, C#/.NET, Web Messaging