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As financial data volumes increase to hundreds of Terabytes, many organizations find that their Data warehousing solution are no longer able to cope effectively. Effective data manipulation is critical for incident investigation, benchmarking, compliance, BI reports and more. Fluent BigData™ supplies real time big data availability with standard SQL/ODBC connectivity, over a fully scalable architecture.

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  • Costs about 20% of an RDBMS solution of the same size
  • Fully scalable to a few Petabytes
  • Real time availability - query your event within seconds of occurrence
  • Seamless integration with existing corporate assets via standard SQL/ODBC API
  • A working, out of the box application suite - not just a technical library
  • Fully designed for high availability, based on a redundant cluster
  • Fully integrated permission and security mechanism
  • Easy to manage, more reliable
  • Run any and all kinds of alerts and statistics
  • Accurate investigations of historical events by recreating exact conditions of the algorithm event
  • Ability to drill down and analyze data in microseconds
  • Integrate third party solutions
  • Ease and flexibility of integration
  • Re-create events with real-time data
  • Separate batch oriented and SQL server queries manage data to assure quick response time
  • Run a simulator environment for your algorithms
  • Back-testing with real data.
  • Leverage FTT’s engineering and algorithmic expertise for the most robust data mining experience