Who We Are
Established in 2009, Fluent Trade Technologies is the world's fastest financial technology provider, offering a comprehensive, turn-key solution for automated trading systems and brokers. Certified with over 45 FX trading venues representing over 95% of FX liquidity, Fluent Trade Technologies delivers an end-to-end solution through a unified API for both Maker and Taker, enabling its customers to focus on their core businesses. Fluent’s customers transact billions of dollars daily through its ecosystem, leveraging the company’s expertise in data processing,trading, large database warehousing, data distribution, monitoring and pre trade risk management solution for FX Prime Brokers and their hedge fund customers.

What make us different
Dramatically Improve ROI
Ultra Low Latency = Ultra High Efficiency.
45 concurrent LPs on a single commodity machine, achieving hardware-like ultra-low latencies for the Feed Handler, Execution Gateway and Risk Management. This is not only a business enabler - but a game changer in IT expenses, energy cost, support etc.

Minimize Risk
Pre-Trade Risk Management is for professionals. Post-Trade is for amateurs.
Embedded detection and real time prevention for both algorithm errors and fat finger mistakes with minimal effect on latency. Comprehensive and diverse risk rules prevent unauthorized exposure on all hierarchal levels. Complementary visualization for operator control. A Scalable and Redundant system, with built in fault tolerance and high accountability options including numerous logs and custom data exporting mechanisms.

Protect customer strategies
Keep customer intellectual property private!
Fluent products can all reside on customer site, preserving confidentiality for all executions. Even the full Risk Management solution, where only customer prime broker can view meta-data and aggregative information.

Focus on your core business
One stop shop. Take it all or adopt the missing piece. Fluent is a highly integrated ecosystem, an End-to-End unified solution for automated trading systems and brokers. Certified with 60+ global vendors, Fluent offers hosting, connectivity, market data processing, trading, big data warehousing, real time investigation, data distribution, monitoring and risk management.

Minimize Time to Market
Integration made easy. Integration made fast.
Our Top-of-the-art design, Intuitive event driven system and super-flexible unified API tailored to both your business needs and technical specifications. Maker and Taker, Full Book & Top Of Book, C/C++ and Java, Single and Multiprocess, polling and callbacks - The Modular architecture enables easy customization to utilize your strengths and makes it easy to scale capacity or add functionality over time. All with a compatible Message Distribution solution.